The Faces Of The Games

Cornelia Groves

     Cornelia and Bobbie Groves were dear friend of Agnes Morton, who was known as “Miz M”.  There bond was their love and interest in Scotland, the heritage and Scottish Games.  They discussed and worked making Miz M’s dream of starting Scottish Games at MacRae Meadow become a reality on August 19, 1956.

     Cornelia and Bobbie were the “worker bees”.  They gathered clan information and started contacting them.  They also were working on finding good vendors.  

     Cornelia had a fine index.  She kept all of the information and contacted contacts through personal letters and phone calls.  She worked on this project all year long.  Bobbie worked on ideas which Miz M and others presented and watched as they came to fruition.

     Cornelia also worked on the program gathering the information, photos and compiling it.  She then gathered all the information to the printer.  There really wasn’t much that she did not do.  She and Bobbie loved it all and enjoyed watching it grow and become the games it is today, The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.

     Cornelia served as Secretary and Assistant treasurer of the games from 1978 to 1982.  In 1983 Bobbie and Cornelia received the Agnes MacRae Morton Award.

Clyde Mclean, Bobby Groves, Cornelia Groves
Robert Hartley and Cornelia Groves 2001
Dick Gammon and Cornelia Groves 2001
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