Camping at GMHG

Camping on the mountain is a special experience that brings campers back to GMHG year after year.

Camping at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is a very unique experience.  The camp area is only open for camping once a year and it is NOT A TRADITIONAL CAMPGROUND.

This is a “Festival Camping” experience with no assigned sites or full hook ups.   The camp area is adjacent to the Games field and is a wooded area with gravel roads and rough terrain in some areas. There is access to electric and water in 75% of the 11PM curfew side of the camping area. The 1AM curfew side of the camp is PRIMITIVE tent camping only. The 11PM curfew side will fill up first and when full, all remaining campers will be placed on the 1AM curfew side. Below are a few tips to prepare for your trip.


Advance payment guarantees you a primitive campsite on MacRae Meadows.

No onsite reservations are available.

Spaces can be reserved, but you can not choose an exact location on the campsite in advance. Spots will be determined at the time of arrival.

Parking & Shuttle

Camping attendants will determine your car parking area. Parking will be provided below Highway 221 in the camper’s parking lot. Shuttle service to satellite parking lots will be provided after this lot is full.

VIP Camper Parking:  SOLD OUT FOR 2024. Available for an additional $150.00.  You will be assigned a reserved parking space adjacent to the Camping Registration tent for the duration of your stay.  Come and go as you please.  Limited spaces are available.

Minimum Stay

There is a THREE (3) NIGHT camping minimum for all sites, and for larger sites there is a minimum number of nights depending on how large of a space you require. Because the campsite is not a traditional campsite, getting the larger RVs in and out when the campground is full can be dangerous and challenging. Note: All campers must check in before 12 Noon on Thursday, July 11, 2024

Ticket Requirement

In addition to the campsite fee, all registrations will include a purchase of a adult 4-day ticket.

First Come, First Serve

Specific spots are not reserved. You are guaranteed a spot, but you can not choose your spot.

First come,first serve: onsite camping check-in will open Friday, July 5, 2024 at 8 am.

***Parking at or around the registration tent or on Highway 221,  the night before registration opens IS NOT PERMITTED.  Violators will be removed from the property.***

Fire Pits & Grilling

There will be communal fire pits spread throughout the campground. Per State regulations, only firewood from Avery County or adjoining counties is allowed within MacRae Meadows. Approved firewood will be available for purchase onsite. Firewood, including firewood brought to MacRae Meadows, may not be removed from the property.

Rental Units

If you are renting a camper for your trip YOU MUST ARRIVE WITH YOUR CAMPER.  Rental campers CAN NOT BE DELIVERED or PICKED UP without the registered guest present.   If your rental unit arrives at MacRae Meadows without your being present, it will be turned away.


Electricity & Water

Electricity and water are available in our limited areas. Access to either is not guaranteed. Due to the community nature of GMHG camping, you are encouraged to communicate with your neighbors.

Through the years it has been customary to help one another and share these limited resources. It is recommended that you bring a water hose and extension cord to help further the chances of access.

Electric:  20 amp service is available throughout the camp, 30 amp service is limited and NOT GUARANTEED. Bring long extension cords and adaptors for your camper to plugin. 

You will need to avoid the use of high-amperage devices such as air conditioners, microwaves, electric heaters, hair dryers, coffee pots, etc.

Water: There are “water points” throughout the camp that will require you to run a long hose to reach. Bring an extra hose and a “water Y” to tie into another hose. 

Any time you see a dripping faucet or a leaking connection, please correct the issue or contact a staff member.  Avoid excessive water usage.  Our campground is serviced by a single electric pump from a single well, so every effort to prevent the overuse of the pump is appreciated.


NO PETS ARE ALLOWED. However, we do adhere to all current ADA guidelines.





Vehicles & Bikes

No vehicles or bicycles will be allowed at campsites.

Once placed, an automobile that is being used as a campsite is considered the same as any other wheeled unit and will NOT be allowed to move for the duration of the event.


Leveling Blocks:  BRING LUMBER BOARDS to roll your camper on to level it

The camp area IS NOT LEVEL and small yellow blocks or “roll on” levelers will not work

Bring lumber that can be stacked to raise your tires as much as 6 inches.

If you have a travel trailer it is recommended you bring a few cinder blocks to level the tongue of your trailer.

Camping Sizes

Please note how we classify our sizes so you are ready to answer the questions required at reservation.
Tent size Price
2-person tent $25
4-person tent $35
6-person tent $45
8 person tent $55
10 person tent (CONTACT [email protected]) $75
RV Size Price
20 ft & Under


Over 20 ft to 28 ft (SOLD OUT) $105
Over 28 ft to 36 ft (SOLD OUT) $125
Over 36 ft to 42 ft (SOLD OUT) $175


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