Scottish Children's Activities

The GMHG hosts experiences for children during the weekend. We recommended our Sunday 'Family Day at GMHG' for the most kid friendly family experience.


The Children's Tent Activities!

The GMHG Children's Tent is located just outside the main entrance to MacRae Meadows.  The ever-popular Passport Booklet can be found at the tent, which can be taken to each Clan Tent ot receive a stamp commemorating their trip to the Games.

Other activities include live readings, face painting, arts and crafts, scavenger hunt, entry to the GMHG Drawing Contest, and MORE!

Further your child's curiosity, knowledge and interest in their heritage by visiting the GMHG children's tent where complimentary fun and Activities await.

The Children's Events!

Children love to engage in the Caber Toss, Tug-of-war, sheaf toss and Children's Wrestling clinic and competition!  Ribbons will be given to all participants. All Interested children and parents are welcome at the Children's Activities! No pre-registration is required. Events will take place on the field near the main entrance, by the Highland Dance stages.

Consent forms will be available at each of the clinics. They must be completed prior to participation.

Supported by The St. Andrew's Society of MacRae Meadows

Children's Events

Doug Leonard


The Children's Athletics!

The Athletics program at GMHG also hosts athletics for children on Sunday.  These events include the Kilted Run and Tug of War.

You can register your children on the field Sunday at the Scottish Athletic tent.  The tent is a large blue and white tent found within the main field on the mountainside of the track, located across from Entertainment Celtic Grove #2. 

Supported by The St. Andrew's 
Society of MacRae Meadows

Children's Athletics

Doug Leonard

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