GMHG Supported Scottish Music & Dance Shows

The following off-site performances and shows are supported by the Grandfather Mt. Highland Games.  Tickets and Clan Packages must be purchased separately.

Returning to Boone in July 2025

***To reach more audiences with Scottish cultural arts and education, we will be touring the show in the Mid-Atlantic region during the fall of 2024.***

Please consider donating to help us reach more schools and theatres with the Magic of Scottish heritage with our full-length Theatrical Stage Performing during the Fall of 2024.

Presented by The Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity based out of North Carolina, The Highland Echoes show features over 26 of the world’s best Highland Dancers and Celtic musicians. 

Attend a theatrical performance telling the story of Scotland in the 1700s and the movement of the Scottish people to places all over the world - The Scottish Diaspora story. All the legends, mystery, and history surround our Scottish heritage - our community.  This is your story and our story, and we express it the way those before us expressed their stories...through the arts.

Scottish dance Show
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