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 Highland Athletics

The Highland Athletic competition is a series of six events and the competitor must complete all six. These include competitive events such as the Hammer Throw, Weight Toss for Height, and the Sheaf Toss. This challenges athletes to be at their best in every competition. GMHG currently hosts "A" and "B" amateur competitions, professional competitions, and Master competitions for men who have experience in this specific sport. We are also excited to open the field to women and host the Elite Women’s Competition by invitation only. We hope to offer open competition for women in the future! If you would like more information about these events, please select this link to be directed to the North American Scottish Games Association website.

The Caber Toss is perhaps one of the most iconic events and is reputed to have originated from the need to throw logs over chasms. The event is judged on style instead of distance: the athletes’ goal is to flip the log so that it falls in the '12 o'clock position'. The length it travels is completely insignificant.

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