Clan MacCallum/Malcolm

2021 Featured Clan About CLAN MACCALLUM/MALCOLM The names MacCallum and Malcolm derive from the Gaelic name of Saint Columba of the Celtic Church, who brought Christianity to Scotland in 563 A.D. The Gaelic names for Saint Columba are Colm or Callum (Chaluim). Maol Colm is an ancient form of Malcolm – Maol means “shaven head,” […]

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Clan Morrison

2021 Featured Clan About CLAN MORRISON The Clan Morrison Society of North America will be holding its Annual Meeting at the Grandfather Mountain Games. It will be the first official appearance of the new chief, Alasdair Morrison, Morrison of Ruchdi, following the untimely death of his father, Dr. J. Ruairaidh Morrison last November. Alasdair is

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Clan MacInnes

2021 Featured Clan The International Association of Clan MacInnes is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this summer…a year late due to the pandemic. About Clan MacInnes In 1970, seven MacInnesses from the southeastern states gathered at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and decided to create the Clan MacInnes Society to preserve MacInnes heritage and to promote

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