Hebridean Baker


Meet the Hebridean Baker A Special Guest at This Year’s Grandfather Mountain Highland Games The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (GMHG) is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of Scottish heritage, culture, and community spirit. This year, we are honored to welcome back one of our most beloved guests, Coinneach MacLeod, known to many […]

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Beech Tree Disease Affecting Campground at MacRae Meadows The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games has been made aware of an outbreak of beech bark disease in the campground area of MacRae Meadows. Beech bark disease is an aggressive fungal attack that results in tree death. There is no effective treatment at present. Working with the Stewardship

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GMHG Announces an End to the Marshmallow War The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games management team has been informed by the North Carolina Highway Patrol and the Avery County Sheriff’s Department of the REQUIRED permanent cancellation of the Saturday night Marshmallow war at Grandfather Mountain. Reasons given involve the risk of serious injury and the resulting

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The Passing of Queen Elizabeth II Read Obituary The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games Board of Trustees and Staff wish to add our voices to the millions mourning the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Elizabeth was the longest serving Monarch of the oldest Monarchy in the world.  She comported herself with a quiet courage

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GMHG Thursday night and Saturday parade with Novel Adventures® We have a very special group in attendance this weekend. Novel Adventures® returns as the official representative for “Clan Outlander” as recognized by the GMHG since 2015! Novel Adventures® is the Premiere travel and event company that hosts the original ‘Outlander’ fan gathering in North Carolina.

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