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Torchlight Ceremony

"Raise the Clans"

The expression "raise the clans" has a slightly archaic sound to our ears. It is surrounded by an aura of some long forgotten appeal to support noble causes or high ideals. From a historical perspective, it was used to summon the clans for battle. We have chosen to transform the ancient act to symbolize a different kind of call to the clans.

The saltire cross is recognized as Scotland's ancient symbol. A living cross of light is made up of a representative from all the clans and families who have come to participate. They come from the compass points to indicate the widespread migration of Scots. The Clans give voice to their origins and take their place as part of the gathering on this magnificent mountain.

Together they share remembrances and offer thanks. As torches burn brightly together in the gathering dusk, the haunting sound op pipers is carried into the night. The clans have come again to celebrate who they are.

The Torchlight Ceremony was created by Larry Long, the 1995 recipient of the Agnes MacRae Morton award.