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Lochaber Trump Competition
Americans call it a "jaw harp" or "Jew�s harp". The Gaelic word is tromb, which has become the English word "trump". The Scots of the Lochaber district were particularly skilled, and thus the moniker Lochaber Trump.

When the Scots emigrated to the United States, the Lochaber trump traveled with them, and the twang of the Jew�s harp has now become associated with Appalachia as the dance and fiddle styles that have been passed down over the generations.

If you would like to try your hand at twanging the trump; a workshop and competition will take place on Friday at 2:30 in the Harp tent. For the winner, Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is proud to offer the trophy designed by premiere trump player Lindsay Porteous. Some trumps will be available for use and/or purchase at the Harp tent.

Coordinator of the Lochaber Trump:
Moire MacDonald Latamore
164 Blue Sky Rd, Linden, Va 22642,
Telephone 703 340 8396