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Scottish Harp Competition

Clarsach is the ancient word for the small (non-pedal) harp, the oldest of Scotland's traditional instruments. This gentle instrument was once so prized by royalty that harpers were kept on staff to play for social occasions, such as poetry readings, as well as affairs of state, such as a coronation. Regrettably, as the ranks of the nobility declined, harpers became itinerant musicians, going from town to town playing wherever they could find an audience. Later, British rulers would try to ban the harp, leading it to the edge of extinction.

But then, at the turn of the 20th Century, beginning in Scotland, Ireland, and North America, there was a renewed interest in the clarsach. By the 1970s, interest in the history, music, musicians, and techniques of the clarsach brought multiple aspects of this ancient instrument to the forefront, where we celebrate it today. Now the clarsach is not limited to royalty or angels, the clarsach is enjoyed in concerts, afternoon teas, weddings, and is proven to provide healing therapy. We are proud to be part of this history and proud to support a new generation of harpers.

All levels are encouraged to compete, whether for award recognition, or just for a professional critique.

For specific information or entry forms contact:

Moire McDonald Latamore
164 Blue Sky Road
Linden, VA 22642
(703) 340-8396

Printable Harp Registration Form

2019 Harp Judge

Sponsor for $3,000 Master Harper Award
Clan Donald Lands Trust