Grandfather Mountain Highland Games
Corporate Sponsor Information


Sponsorship is needed for the following event areas

____ Atlantic International Highland Dancing Championships* [$10,000.00           Donation]
____The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games Marathon** [$10,000.00                     Donation]
____The "Bear" 5 mile Uphill Run [$5,000.00 Donation]
____ Friday Nite Celtic Rock[$5,000.00 Donation]
____ Saturday Night Concert [$5,000.00 Donation]
____ Piping and Drumming Competition [$5,000.00 Donation]
____ Patron Sponsor Reception [$5,000.00 Donation]
____ Patron Tent [$5,000.00 Donation]
____ Torchlight Ceremony [$5,000.00 Donation]
____ Parade of Tartans
____ Gaelic Ceilidh Tent [5,000.00 Donation]
____ Scottish Harp Competition [5,000.00 Donation]
____ Scottish Fiddling Competition
____ Gaelic Mode [$2,500.00]
____ Lochaber Trump Competition [$2,500.00]
____ Celtic Grove #1 [$5,000.00 Donation]
____ Celtic Grove #2 [$5,000.00 Donation]

*Sanctioned by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing - 1 of 5 Championships held in the U. S.
**Known as "America's Toughest Marathon". Ranked in Runner's World's List of Top 10 Marathons.

Sponsor donations will be used to offset costs for the event sponsored. Such expenses include trophies, banners, awards, certificates, T-shirts, prize money, and Judges fees.

Corporate sponsors donating $5,000.00 or more will receive the following:

1. A banner on the event they are sponsoring stating that they are this event's corporate sponsor and listed in the GMHG program and brochure as a corporate sponsor.

2. Parking spaces for Saturday and Sunday of the games per request listed under their corporate sponsor. {limit 2}

3. Corporation sponsor ribbons per request which admits you to all GMHG events including our Patron / Sponsor Reception on Friday night. {Limit 5}

4. Corporate representatives will be extended the honor of sitting with our officers, honored guests, and distinguished guests in the Reviewing Stand.

5. Our Patron Tent attendant will serve each representative refreshments while at the Patron Tent..

6. Each representative will be given a complimentary program and GMHG commemorative pin.

7. The rights to any film footage or photography of the event being sponsored to be used by the corporation as they see fit if requested.

8. If requested a 12' x 12' tent to exhibit corporate information and promotional materials

9. One full page color ad in GMHG Souvenir Program

Please contact GMHG at 828-733-1333, Fax: 828-733-0092 or by mail at P. O. Box 1095, Linville, NC 29646 if you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor. Our e-mail address is

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Contact Person: ___________________________________Ph_________________________

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