2013 Photo Gallery
Amateur Caber Toss
Bear Foot Race I
Bear Foot Race II
Bear Foot Race III
Blue Ridge Brass &   Pipes/Montreat Scottish Pipes   & Drums
Celtic Groves
Chelsea House Orchertra
Childrens Caber Toss
Childrens Wrestling I
Childrens Wrestling II
Highland Dance
Hammer Throw
Highland Wrestling
Massed Bands I
Massed Bands II
Parade of Tartans
Patron Sponsor Reception I
Patron Sponsor Reception II
Scottish Country Dance Gala I
Scottish Country Dance Gala II
Sheaf Toss
Sheep Herding I
Sheep Herding II
Torchlight Ceremony
Track & Field










Grandfather Mountain Highland Games Photo Gallery

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games is a photographer's delight. The numerous events and colorful pageantry of the Games provide photographer both young and old with a large variety of shots. We hope you enjoy our photo gallery. We plan on adding and changing the galleries often. So be sure to check back with us periodically.

Photo Credits

Photographs by the following:

James Shaffer,Teila Terrell, Mike Lacey, Paula Stacy, Rob Randall, Greg Culpepper, Monty Combs, Brenda Combs, Skip Sickler, Buck Wicker

2012 Photo Gallery